What is MUMIO?

MUMIO is the equivalent of Arduino peripherals, designed for the ZX Spectrum computer. These can be sensors, displays, motors, servos, relays, joystick interfaces, clocks and many, many more…

MUMIO devices are installed on the I/O Port card (dev. #00), which is plugged into the edge connector located on the back of the ZX Spectrum computer. You can connect up to 256 I/O Port cards to the ZX Spectrum, and a different MUMIO device on each.

ZX Spectrum + I/O Port + MUMIO device

MUMIO consists of…

1. Addressed input/output card – I/O Port (dev. #00).
You can connect up to 256 such cards. Thanks to the I/O port card, you do not need to know the complicated construction of the ZX Spectrum edge connector or the working principles of the Z80 microprocessor. The I/O card is equipped with a simple 8-bit input and output connector to which MUMIO devices are mounted.

I/O Port card (dev. #00)

The card’s I/O inputs and outputs can also be used directly as normal microcontroller or Arduino I/O ports. Each Port I/O card has 8 inputs and 8 outputs in TTL standard.

I/O ports used directly as input ports of Kempston joystick

2. MUMIO device mounted on the top of I/O Port card.
Each of the MUMIO devices has a different function: joystick connector, RTC clock, RS-232 interface, display, temperature sensor, display.

Example of MUMIO device

Educational platform

ZX Spectrum + MUMIO is an easy-to-use educational platform for future masters of automation and robotics. The ZX Spectrum computer has a great advantage over Arduino: it is ready to work as soon as it is turned on. You don’t need to install development environment, drivers, compile anything. You just turn it on and type a line of your code, press Enter and…it works! Read about the ZX Spectrum and its modern clones here.

MUMIO devices are designed to be controlled using only simple BASIC commands: OUT and IN. To control the device, just one line of code and ENTER.

A program that displays the current date and time (e.g. „2022-12-24 13:55:07”). Uses RTC (dev. #02) device.

MUMIO adapters enable communication with modules designed for Arduino through the following interfaces: SPI, I2C, RS-232. Thanks to this, ZX Spectrum can also communicate with countless modules created especially for Arduino: temperature sensors, humidity sensors, motors, servos, relays, displays and thousands of others.

ZX Spectrum + MUMIO is easier to use than Arduino, and gives similar possibilities. After mastering the basics of automation on ZX Spectrum + MUMIO in BASIC programing language, it is much easier to switch to writing programs for microcontrollers in C/C++.

And hence the easy way to the interesting profession in automation-robotics.