ZX Spectrum

The ZX Spectrum is a simple 8-bit computer sold from 1982 to the late 1980s. Its construction, although old, is very similar and has similar capabilities to modern microcontrollers mounted in Arduino-type kits: it is equipped with an 8-bit processor, 48 kB RAM, built-in BASIC language, edge connector to which external peripherals can be connected.

ZX Spectrum

The original version of the ZX Spectrum from the 1980s has several flaws: it only works with TVs, programs are loaded from a tape recorder, it doesn’t even have a power switch or a RESET key.


…all these shortcomings have been eliminated in modern clones of this computer. Modern counterparts, 100% compatible with ZX Spectrum, additionally have:
– RCA (cinch) or SCART monitor output
– mass memory
– SD card on which programs can be saved
– ESXDOS operating system that facilitates file operations
– consume up to 10x less energy, so they can be powered by batteries

Modern ZX Spectrum clones (here N-GO from ultimatemister.com), from the outside view, looks almost identical to its 40-year-old ancestor…
…however, inside they’re built with modern 21st century components (here Sizif-512).

Thanks to this, modern ZX Spectrum clones have great educational potential for anyone who is interested in getting started with automation and microcontrollers.

And besides… remember that ZX Spectrum is also an entertainment platform with thousands of great games released! They are all available on the Internet as .TAP or .TZX files.