I/O Port (dev. #00)

I/O Port (dev. #00)

8-bit input/output port expansion card, with through connector and RESET button.

Allows to easy connect MUMIO-standard devices, safely separated from the ZX Spectrum bus and without knowledge of bus internal structure.

I/O Port is main platform to attach other MUMIO devices

Each card can be assigned an I/O port address in the range of 0-255 using an 8-position switch. Multiple cards, each set to different I/O port numbers can be connected in series.

The output port has 8 bits/pins on which the latched state of the
last value sent to the port is fixed. The status of the output port is presented by LEDs. The input port is not latched. Both ports (input and output) are separated from each other.

Connector with 8-bit input and output port